We have been distributing and selling chocolate products since 1996. After a long-term cooperation with Slovenian company GORENJKA followed by the cooperation with an important Polish chocolate factory Baron, we decided to introduce our own products under our own trademark MASHA.


Chocolate MASHA, we offer, is poured in the Czech Republic from Belgium company Barry Callebaut mixtures. 


This company is the world leader in cocoa processing and it has a hundred-and-seventy-year tradition. We offer two kinds of chocolate – dark, with a minimum of 53% chocolate basis and milk chocolate, with the contents of chocolate basis 32%. Both kinds are typical for their extraordinarily smooth, velvet structure and balanced taste. This is given by the production process, in which all the parts of the chocolate mixture are ground for many hours into tiny particles, smaller than the distance between human taste buds. During the grinding process all the undesirable sour flavours evaporate. After adding the exact amount of cocoa butter and natural vanilla, we get chocolate which belongs to the best in the world.

And so, dear friends, we are offering our chocolate to you, wrapped in covers with pictures showing the time when quality was taken for granted, politeness and helpfulness was everyday bread and chocolate was real chocolate, not sweetened fat.

We wish you a lot of great and sweet days

Radek Sýkora





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